“Don’t Break the Rope!” is on Amazon/Kindle

Welcome to my blog/vlog. As I wrote earlier, I spent 2015 working on my first mass-market book, “Don’t Break the Rope! A Parable about Collaboration, Communication, and Teamwork in the Workplace.”  It is now available on Amazon and Kindle.  Please see my book page to read more about this book.  And thank you to everyone who helped with the book and read earlier drafts.  I hope you like it!

Cheers, Erick

Don't Break the Rope! jpg


Suspending the blog until the book is finished

Thank you to everyone who has emailed or gotten in touch about my blog. Unfortunately, I am going to suspend adding posts to this blog because (drum roll) I am going to start writing a book! I have chosen to dedicate my writing time to a book about leadership in 2015 and I’ve already started outlining. I hope one day to come back to this blog and announce the release of the book. Wish me luck!
Cheers, Erick