My new book “How to Get in Shape (for Life)” is out!

Hurray! My new book is out. “How to Get in Shape! (for Life)” is a work book that will help you watch the free videos from my “Get in Shape” videos now available on YouTube.. The book contains pages in which you write down notes, set your goals, and check yourself every week. So it is also a workbook that is customized by you.  The book is extremely small so it can fit comfortably in your purse or pocket.

If you wish to get the book you can click here to go directly to Amazon or copy this text in to your browser…

If you prefer, you can also get the book on your Kindle by clicking here or pasting the following in to your browser…

Thank you to everyone who helped me complete the book and to the participants in the “get in shape” program who are featured in the videos. A great experience for all of us, and I’m excited that many other people might get the benefit of the videos that we shot.

Cheers, Erick

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